Musée x Rach Jackson

Rach Jackson is an abstract artist based in Durham Lead, Victoria.

She lives on a beautiful property surrounded by bushland with her husband and daughter as well as numerous furry and feathered friends. 

Painting has long been a part of Rach’s life, but only recently has life events allowed her to really delve into her art and see where it takes her. When her young adult son moved out of home, his bedroom was swiftly taken over as Rach’s new studio. Most of her days are now spent in the studio creating many pieces for people to enjoy. 

While painting for many years in a more realistic style, abstract came along as a niggling feeling, then quickly became an unstoppable force. Rach’s fun and colourful style developed quite rapidly. 

Her love of colour is obvious in each of her bright and happy artworks. Rach’s goal is to spread joy far and wide through her work

Rach is a strong believer in the power of colour and the healing affect it can have on the mind. When people say they can see happiness radiating from her art, she feels a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Rach especially enjoys the process of creating an artwork, the way it completely takes her over and transports her into another world far from the everyday.