Musée x Katy J Designs

Katy is a self taught Ink Artist from Woodcroft, South Australia and founder of Katy J Designs. Originally from the UK, she moved to Australia ten years ago after meeting her Aussie husband on a solo backpacking trip! 
For eleven years she worked as a Graphic Designer, and after having some time out to raise her two young sons, she wanted to explore her creativity in new ways that were away from the computer. 

She fell in love with Inks from the first time she used them, loving the vibrancy of the colours and how unpredictable they are, each piece is truly unique!

As a sufferer of anxiety, Katy finds the process of painting with inks very relaxing and it allows her to completely switch off from the outside world and immerse myself in painting.

She is constantly inspired by nature, people and different cultures.

Katy's art ‘Stormy Waters’ is supporting and 50% of the profits of sales will be donated to this much needed cause. is an environmental charity founded in 2000 by beachcombers, swimmers, fishermen, surfers and other lovers of the sea. Their ongoing mission is to stop ocean pollution and restore oceans to their former health.